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An Apple A Day

Here are some smart dinner recipes that the whole family can enjoy!

Between dropping off and picking up the kids, a full day’s work and the endless demands of the day, Mom’s need quick and easy dinner recipes that deliver nutritional value and help to turn
dinner-time into family-time.

As part of our COA Mind & Body program we believe that eating well is a learned experience, one passed on by the parent. By opening up the world of “nourishing” food children make better food choices and develop a healthy respect for nutrition.

We know you are superstars both on the job and at home but every star needs a break once in a while. Let COA Apple-A-Day Blog help you with
quick recipes and monthly tips.

Here are some smart dinner recipes that
the whole family can enjoy!

Lemon & Herb Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Shrimp

Written by COA Nutrition Team On September 21, 2017

Spaghetti squash is super versatile because there isn’t much flavor, so pairing it with different sauces and herbs really turns out delicious! Read More

Healthy Apple Muffins

Written by COA Nutrition Team On September 14, 2017

Made with whole-wheat flour, coconut oil, applesauce and maple syrup these Healthy Apple Muffins will be your new favorite fall snack.   Read More

Fireside Beef Stew

Written by COA Nutrition Team On September 6, 2017

This low-calorie main dish stew gets its lively flavor from a tantalizing mix of mustard, allspice, and Worcestershire sauce. INGREDIENTS: 1½ pounds Read More

Broccoli and Cheese Calzone

Written by COA Nutrition Team On August 30, 2017

These homemade Broccoli and Cheese Calzones from scratch are a perfect lunch, snack or dinner on the go. Make a huge batch Read More

Tips of the Month MOBILE

Planning Ahead Tip of the Month

Use a “Waste Bowl”

It sounds like a silly idea to save time, but when there are lots of vegetables to prep, having a waste bowl by your side avoids extra trips to the garbage can and will save you time. If you recycle it’s even more helpful because you can select the garbage as you go, once you’re done cooking the organic garbage and the recyclable will be all separated!

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