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I have so many memories of making sugar cookies with my mom during Christmas, and I can’t wait to start the same tradition with my daughter this year. I looked forward to this day as a child, and when I go visit my family up North, it always brings a warm feeling to my heart when I open that kitchen drawer and see those vintage cookie cutters staring back at me. The Santa, Christmas tree, bell, star and reindeer definitely got put to good use over the years, but what else can we make with them?

Being a nutritionist and a mom, I wanted to find other ways to use these with my daughter in the kitchen other than holiday treats.  She is now 2 years old and loves to be my kitchen assistant, so I thought she would get a kick out of making cool “shapes” food.

This is a fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and its age appropriate for toddlers.  Purchase a variety of different shapes and themes so you can use them throughout the year, depending on what the occasion is.  If you pick up some metal ones that you can bake with, there are endless recipes you can try


Basic Shapes

You can use any food that is firm enough for the shape to hold, so don’t be limited by this list.

  • Fruits: Try watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, pineapple, apple slices, and pears.
  • Vegetables: Try cucumbers, red, yellow & orange bell peppers and sweet potato.
  • Cheese slices: Try a variety of cheeses or choose your kids favorite.
  • Toasted bread: Try 100% whole wheat.


Cooking, Baking or Prep Needed

Cheese, vegetable & fruit platter: Mix all your basic shapes from above and serve on a large platter at a party.  Make a smaller version for snack or meals.

Fancy toasted bread:  Toast bread and use large cookie cutters to make shapes.  Have your child pick his/her favorite topping, or try one of these:

  • Nut butter with honey or agave drizzled
  • Powdered sugar or cinnamon
  • Sunflower butter and jelly

Pancakes or eggs: Use metal cookie cutters, make a heart shaped breakfast.  These come our really well!

Sandwiches:  Try on these sandwiches or use a simple peanut butter and jelly, turkey and cheese, or cheese and tomato to name a few!   Make the sandwich and then use a large cookie cutter to make the desired shape!

Pie or desserts: If I am hosting thanksgiving, I will make a pumpkin or apple pie and add small edible leaves made from crust for the top.  You can purchase mini cookie cutters in the shape of leaves and make ahead of time.  

Rice Krispy treats: Here is a great example of a 4th of July treat.  Substitute the red, white and blue jelly beans with theme of choice and they can be for any occasion!

Ice cream:  Use slightly soft ice cream and fill a cookie cutter and place back in freezer until frozen.  If you were really up for it, you can make these ice cream sandwiches!

Frozen banana treats:  Make my “banana cream” recipe and fill cookie as indicted above.  A healthy a treat!

Make food fun!

In good health,

Jaime Windrow RD

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