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An Apple A Day

Best Three Worcestershire Marinades

I’ve pretty much been obsessed with Worcestershire since the moment I tried it. It pops up in so many of my marinades regardless of what protein I am cooking! I lived in London about 15 years ago, and that’s when I fell in love with it.  This fermented liquid mainly consists of barley malt vinegar & spirit vinegar (or distilled white vinegar), molasses, sugar, salt, anchovies, tamarind extract, onions and garlic. You can even make your own! Give it a go!  Here are my favorite 3 marinades that we created in our kitchen: *Note: All of the recipes are based Read More

Fun Shaped Fro Yo Treats

This week I hosted another Kids In The Kitchen event and in honor of “winter” down here in Florida, I decided on Fro Yo treats!  The best part is that my kids think they are really getting a “dessert” and it’s healthy and nutritious! The second best part, is that you really don’t need to measure any of the ingredients. Your taste buds will do all the work :-) INGREDIENTS: Organic plain Greek yogurt Blueberries Honey Granola (optional) INSTRUCTIONS: Place as much Greek yogurt as you will think you need in a food processor. Add blueberries and blend until smooth. Read More

Will you be doing this in the New Year?

Originally posted December 2014. Updated 12/29/2015 Detoxes and cleanses are not backed by science, and sometimes they can do more harm than good. But should we throw the whole idea completely out the window?  For anyone with already low lean body mass, detoxes for long periods of time can waste even more muscle among other possible dangers.  So when it is appropriate? Personally, I think the biggest benefit is the motivation factor, especially if it’s following a period of “splurging”, like what many people across of the country are experiencing right now.  It gets the ball rolling, gets you are Read More

Mustard Collard Greens for Christmas

Try this dish for the holidays!  This dark leafy green is packed with Vitamin K, A, C, manganese, calcium and fiber.   You won’t get any complaints about it being too bitter with this recipe! INGREDIENTS: 1 lb (16 oz) bag collard greens or fresh de-stemmed 1 whole large spring onion, chopped 1 tsp. Garlic (jarred) Olive oil Salt and pepper 2 tsp Dijon mustard 1 cup Chicken or vegetable stock INSTRUCTIONS: Add olive oil – enough to cover botton of pan, heat. Add 1 whole chopped onion and 1 tsp garlic (jarred) and cook until onions are soft and slightly brown. Read More

Green Beans with a Twist

I’ve served this side dish at quite a few dinners, and even the picky-I-don’t-eat-green-stuff loved it!  It goes well with fish, chicken or a lean red meat, or can be served as a side dish at an upcoming holiday dinner! Enjoy! Makes about 4 servings INGREDIENTS: 1 lb green beans 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 Tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp worstershire sauce Blackened seasoning to taste INSTRUCTIONS: Rinse, dry and cut the ends off of the green beans. Heat olive oil over medium heat in a wok or large saucepan (non-stick works best). Add green beans and stir into oil Read More

Ginger Baby Carrots

This is not an original recipe by me, but I have made it a dozen times and have experimented with a few different ingredients.  This is the most delicious carrot recipe dish I have ever tasted – you must try it!  The original recipe is from the Petit Appetit Cookbook by Lisa Barnes.  Great twist on the typical carrot dishes you see during the holidays (and healthier!) This can be served immediately after cooking as a side dish or chilled in the refrigerator.  I usually serve immediately with dinner and then my daughters loves to eat them chilled the day Read More

Everyone will eat this Cauliflower

If you have ever struggled to get your family to eat vegetables, try this cauliflower dish!  There are many recipes you can make with this nutritious vegetable, including the ever-so-popular cauliflower mashed, but this recipe is the most simple, and tastes even better as leftovers the next day. For this reason, I always purchase 2 heads of it even though we are a party of three :-) I never measure any of the ingredients, because it really isn’t needed, but I will give approximate amounts in the tips section! INGREDIENTS: Cauliflower Balsamic vinegar Red pepper flakes Shredded cheese INSTRUCTIONS: Pre-heat Read More

Wow your guests with this! (Edamame Hummus)

Kids love to dip, no argument there!  When I first gave hummus to my daughter before her 1st birthday, I was thrilled that she loved it.  Now that she is 4 years old and my youngest is 1.5 years, she eats hummus with lots of different flavors such as lemon, garlic, red pepper, and some with a little spice!  She’ll eat it with a spoon or use as a dip! I wanted to try something new, and that is when I made my first batch of homemade edamame hummus.  My daughters loves organic edamame, so I thought I would give Read More

Choco-Banana Bread with a Health Twist

A slice of this mouth watering bread can double up as a fuel and treat to have 45 minutes to 1 hour before you hit the gym, go out for a run, bike or swim!  The carbohydrates in the bread will fuel your training session and give just enough sweetness that you’ll hopefully turn down that dessert later on in the day when your body doesn’t need the extra energy.  This is also a great snack to feed the kiddies before they hit the field, pavement or studio.  Serve 1/2 a serving to the wee ones. INGREDIENTS: 1.5 cups whole Read More

Homemade Fig Bars

When I first started looking for a homemade fig bar recipe to replicate the Fig Newton, it was for my athletes to use for pre-workout fuel before training.  This bar has very little fat and low protein and fiber, making it the perfect fuel before a swim, bike or run!  But then I realized, this could be a great snack for kiddies if you serve it with some Greek yogurt to bring up the protein content. I have never made them before, so instead of creating my own, I decided to try out one from Weelicious who “tests” all her Read More